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trustno1 replied to Imi Final Results
Altho my query is nt relayed 2 dis thread per se bt since its some what related 2 imi so m postin it on dis thread
i hv made it 2 imi n mfc n hv 2 chose between d 2
pls if ne1 cn help me cum 2 a decision:)
trustno1 replied to Ubs Admission's 2006
hi.. ubs has case study in gd n interview is on the academic side
they can ask u ur favourite subject n den ask ques 4m that sub. So prepare atleast 1 sub thoroughly
ALSO CURRENT AFFAIRS n general knowledge ques r asked in pi..
gd vil consist of 19-20 people subject 2 lesser no due 2 sum...
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trustno1 replied to Ubs Admission's 2006
i hv got call 4m ubs
wanna kno wat kind of topics r gvn in gd
n i hv heard abt sum recent controversy regarding ubs
sum kind of manipulation of figures
is it going 2 affect d placements
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