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Can someone give inputs please!
I am looking for alternatives to CAT and CAT-based MBAs.
What are the opportunities in quant. fin. at the top IBanks after a master's at ISI?
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1. How many of those charterholders are non-MBAs? Moreover, if you're already in the profession, obviously then CFA is going to be of some value, if not nothing. But I doubt if it would be as much as a value-add as an MBA.
2. Yes that is a better path perhaps.
3. It's all about alumni curr...
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The only high-probability path to investment banking is through an MBA. CFA alone can almost never lead you to investment banking. And at an MBA too, only the top-notch IIMs (as far as India is concerned) - read A/B/C and L at the maximum. First of all, be assured that there are hardly any real f...
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The summer examination is over and time for another season of CFA registrations for December.
For the fellow puys registering for higher levels (L2 and beyond), you would already be aware of the market value and the issues involved in the pursuit of the CFA program. If not, then it's somethin...
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I am sorry to post something different here... out of context. But I don't know where else to post.
Can someone tell me a good book for DI?
I am doing Quantum CAT for Quants, TMH for English, both good books. But the DI TMH was totally useless.
Please suggest a good book. Or what else i...
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Add me to the study group too.... am from Gurgaon
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This is a hugely expensive examination.... a goddamn 1300$ for Level-1!
I am already pursuing CFA (appeared for Level-2) and some people were talking about FRM. Thought FRM was more focussed so perhaps this could be an alternative to FRM.
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Finally another call... was getting really disappointed.
CAT 09:
OA : 99.65
QA: 99.06
VA: 99.38
DI: 93.53 :banghead:
10: 92.8%
+2: 89.8%
BTech: 5.6 :banghead:
WEx: 23 months as of now
CAT 09: OA : 99.65 QA: 99.06 V...
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I too faced that question about an year back, and felt that I wouldn't do an MBA. But then I realised that all good jobs in Finance demand an MBA. CFA can only be supplementary.
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At 99.65 had just one call, that too in second list. Not converted, thanks to a 5.6/10 in graduation. So no confusion over whether to go to IIMK this year or not.
Aiming for a C next year