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One solution for this is
8 1 4
8 1 4
4 8 1
This satisfies the condition that Sushil got higest in the last round. So in the first round Vijendar 4 got the middle number.
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Please explain the part in blue. How is it true?
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Can you please tell the solution to this question
Set A is formed by selecting some of the numbers from the first 100 natural numbers such that the HCF of any two numbers in the set is the same.
Q: If every pair of numbers of set A has to be relatively prime and set A has the maximum number...
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Hi PG, I tried subscribing to the quant a day mailing list and the following error occured Please resolve it ...
Description: Error connecting to MySQL server: #1045 - Access denied for user 'pagalguy_nletter'@'' (using password: YES)
Module: /newsletter/subscr...
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One of my friends, Venkat Naidu.. a member of this forum suggested me to have a look at this
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Hi I'm Ananth. I am working in CTS presently. I have taken CAT once and got just 75 percentile.. I wish to crack CAT this time.. and well thats why I'm here.
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