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theone replied to All time Fave Movies ...
i have my list hereof my all time fav
rocky(1 to 5)
terminator 2
matrix(all 3 versions)
ace ventura(both movies)
jo jeeta wohi sikandar
theone replied to NITIE to take CAT score
nitie has come out with new dates
As directed by Public Notice AICTE/PG-II/2003 November 1, 2003, the NITIE Entrance Examination for PGDIM/PGDISEM (2004-2006) stands cancelled. All aspirants must now NECESSARILY have a VALID CAT 2003 Re-Test SCORE CARD to apply for admission into PGDIM/...
theone replied to Upgrade Time again
pgone more prob,
before the upgrade the prillian window used to pop up automatically afteri log into the site.
not happening now, though i didn't change my settings at all
i have to click the launch prillian link
dunno if its happening to others
theone replied to How did you get to know about PG forums ?
well i was the good soul in question
shub did his good deed n brought me to the forum through the cat disscussion board ,so i thought i will go one better
theone replied to Social Work
for me social work well
i do social work only when it helps others and it doesnt do harm to me
for example i help people in studies only when it doesnt affect my study schedule.
i think this is a practical approach
what say junta : :
theone replied to Happy Birthday Pagalguy!!
happy birthday pg,
may u have a long life and a short wife
just kidding.enjoy the moment
theone replied to The Official Good Luck Thread!!!!
hi guys,
all the best for irma and scmhrd/ mat
theone replied to How to strategise 'THE 79 days' left ?!!
well spoke to time a few days ago
first of all its not 8 CT's nd 4 AIMCATS. its 4 CT's nd 4 AIMCATS. it costs rs 950 +8% tax. if u want only 4 aimcats it costs rs 400+8% tax.the rs 950 offer also includes 8 lectures of 2 hrs each on different topics.
of course, all this is free for t...
theone replied to Agent Smith for Super-Mod...Hv your Say ;-)
arey yaar be reasonable dont ask fr so much yaar
he has to have some points to give me too
theone replied to Agent Smith for Super-Mod...Hv your Say ;-)
u were so right yaar more than 4 pages in only 24 hours
i guess some record in itself : : : : :