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Any one from Hyderabad have interview on Sunday 11:00AM? .. If so how are you traveling...
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Can any one please post the link of shortlist screen...
Thanks ..
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hi prateek2686,
Actually MIT or MBA is not new but the flavor of MIT/MBA is new and I think for a IT professional with 4+ of work ex... it will in turn be a better option.
Only thing is look into the university ranking and decide.
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Checking your CAT results tonight could be like this. (Photo: Lingaraj GJ) In a few hours, when the clock strikes twelve for January 11, 2012, you should be able to access the results of the Common Admissions Test (CAT) 2011 on the catiim.in website. Candidates will be required to enter their CAT registration numbers and e...
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anujdsharma oa 97 qa 97 va 90 work ex - 1.5 10th - 90 , 12th - 82.... 11 Jan '12.
anonymous [...] Why are CAT results simply not emailed to candidate.... 03 Apr '12.
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Hi all, i stay near to hitech city... planning to take new GMAT..(in the month of June)..will have 3yrs expericence by then.. working in IT firm.. planning for fall 2013..
Could any one of you please suggest me a good coaching if any... Thanks in advance..
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Hi ,
This is Abhilash, i will also be having 3yrs work ex by 2013..... i am planning to take GMAT in june 2012(new format)...
Still not have decided college's...
GPA-- 7.62
not much extra curricular
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Hi all,
Could some one please share with me, last years AIMCAT's.
Thanks in advance.
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