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@ desparately pag
I have been shortlisted for GD/PI based on my GMAT score .
I checked on the website that the interviews in Hyderabad will be held on Feb 20-21.
But I still havent received the venue and time for the interview.
It'll be great if you can clarify whom to contact regardi...
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Hi All,
Is anyone attending the Darden Cofee Chats in Delhi/Blore/Chennai?
It would be really great if you guys can share what all was discussed as none is happening in Hyderabad.
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Guys can we please move a step ahead of the profile and GMAT score. Those are things which have already been written and cant be undone so lets concentrate on the essays.
For Nikhil's sake I know of a person whose attending Darden with a gmat score less than urs and had normal work ex in IT.s...
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Applying for Darden for R2.
Suggestions would be welcome.
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Hey Sjed,
Regarding the thing about mailing the transcripts.......can we email the scanned copies or do we have to use the traditional mail?
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Hi All,
anybody has any idea regarding the placements at SP Jain Dubai for IT mgmt.I heard its going pathetic....
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Heyy Vani...sorry for the delay in reply.I've been busy with GMAT prep.Verbal scores have improved a bit but need to practice more.What are you doing about the Quant part...questions on OG are very easy.One of my friends has joined Gouizeta this fall so I its also there on my radar.
What abt u...
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tech_aqua replied to Women MBA aspirants - 2010
Way to go gals!! Its awesome to see a thread solely for us on PG.
Something about myself: I have 4 yrs work ex in IT.Decent acads and ECs with leadership position. I'm interested in US b-schools with focus on strategic mgmt/general mgmt. Short term goal is to become a mgmt consultant and long ...
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@ Rocky : I've sent a chat request to ur id
tech_aqua replied to Fall 2010 aspirants
Hi Rocky,
I was going through your blog.
I've taken a date for GMAT on Sept 21,2009.
I 'm doing freakingly bad in verbal especially CR and RC.
Any tips please. I'm seriously down