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hey can anyone help me regarding my pathetic verbal ,any coaching suggested (i m frm mumbai -andheri) the absolute best 1 for it.
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(Photo: Soubhik Chatterjee) The Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Calcutta finished its final placements for the 2010-2012 batches of its PGDM and PGDCM courses with 423 offers for a total effective batch of 345. Before the final placement process started, the students had already received 130 lateral and 95 pre-pla...
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crackthe_cat @ wonderkid: You explanation was way off the mark from th.... 20 May '12.
gauravsak Hi, 1. Which are the better specializations at the insti.... 04 Sep '12.
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Coupled with the global turmoil and the slowing economic growth rate back home, this placement season has been tougher compared to the previous year at India's leading business schools. While the number of companies participating in the placement process have more or less remained the same, the number of offers made by e...
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target_IIMC The Boston Consulting Group recruited 17 students and IBM.... 04 Mar '12.
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institute = Sardar patel insttitute of technology
books = quantum cat (sarvesh kumar)
Institutes u wish to apply to= iim a ,b.c are my targets nothing else as of yet
Starting my preparation today(29 dec 2011):biggrin:
from mumbai (hoping to see many more mumbaikars on pg )
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does george summers contain soln? i need a good puzzle book and looking forward to it bt i need sols as well.Any suggestion for books on di?
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Sklar the aim is IB (front off) for which i aim iim and cfa - if you hv something better than cfa you can suggest or something to start off wid . i thought cfa books or prep would be good to start (apart from cat prep which is obvious)
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hello jamibhai , i m in 2nd eng (and i want to do a cfa - usa) from where should i start , i mean which books , my eng schedule is very very tight so i want to start the prep early . i know after registering we do get books from them bt which other books in the market can be used so that i can bu...
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awesome ans mr harry
thk u sooooooooooooooooooooo much
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please some1 explain me the following terms
1. mortgage backed securities
2. collaterized debt obligations
in as simple words as possible (do not use economics term) i so not understand what securitized mean
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whats the salary in the top four consults now a days for fresher mba grads(mck,bain etc) ?
surprisingly suddenly no one is interested in salary the days (coz there seems to be less or no discussion over it on this thread)