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Hi All,
Let's start a more interactive discussion so that we get to know each other and come to know that how many of us are willing to join. This would give us a clear picture.
To start with about myself.
Name: DevInterview venue: MumbaiTotal Experience: 5+Background: ITPrevious>Present...
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sushilpatil86 Name: SUshil Patil. Interview Venue: Mumbai. Total Exp: 5.... 20 Jun '13.
sushilpatil86 Why is this thread so dead!!!!! Please share Info guys...... 21 Jun '13.
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is there any1 from IT background who is joining imt exec prog 2013-14?
sushilpatil86 I have heard that classes will commence from 15 Aug.... D.... 18 Jun '13.
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Friends brochure for PGPM912 has been uploaded on our website. All are requested to please go through the same. U can study the kind of profile and diverse background our class has. Please find the link for the same
Hope it helps ....
sushilpatil86 Hello Gurpreet, Till what date can we submit GMAT score...... 18 Jun '13.
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Please post who all have converted to executive prog,ghaziabad through 02 june exam+GD+PI
sushilpatil86 I did..... :) . 17 Jun '13.
sushilpatil86 replied to IMT Ghaziabad one year Executive MBA
Just got mail...I have converted....
vinayag123 @Kanikkaw i also got the offer... 17 Jun '13.
ankit532 Hi, I am from IT background. got the offer today. not s.... 18 Jun '13.
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any idea wen will the results for 02nd june test+PI will b out fr ghaziabad executive prog?
sushilpatil86 Interviewers said that result would be declared within 2.... 07 Jun '13.
sushilpatil86 not yet. 17 Jun '13.
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Still a long way to go. Some r saying that course will start in August! Anybody sure about the total intake? IMT Aptitude test was scheduled on 26th May; now is postponed to 2nd June! Not too sure what is going on!!!!!!
sushilpatil86 @Kanikkaw My GD & PI scheduled on 2 June. Will let u .... 30 May '13.
sushilpatil86 @kaz1220 thats gr8...will meet up for sure.... . 31 May '13.
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hey Puys...who all are coming for the AIPGM on this weekend?
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sushilpatil86 yes sure..... 30 May '13.
sushilpatil86 @manish_harodia sirji I have GD/PI (Exec MBA) for IMT-G o.... 31 May '13.
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Call getters for IMT's EPGDBM plz join in
sushilpatil86 Hi, I have got for Test and GD & PI. Venue is Mumbai .... 23 May '13.
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4th and the Final List for AIPGM
72) sushilpatil86 @sushilpatil86 73) Artaxerxes @Artaxerxes 74) TISSian @TISSian 75)prakashpz12 @prakashpz12 76) dreamer87 @dreamer87 77)RG41 @RG41 78)Arun_subhash @Arun_Subhash 79)techcrate @TECHCRATE 80) iamniks @iamniks 81) YouMadFellow @YouMadFellow 82)kis...
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sushilpatil86 @TECHCRATE @Arun_Subhash Hey m also from Aundh....Lets pl.... 16 May '13.
sushilpatil86 PGHQ kaha hai nahi pata... :( I am planning to go by my.... 16 May '13.