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Coolers will be available....and u'll get them the day you land at L.
Us (Seniors) will most probably be dealing with a few manufacturers for a bulk deal....
You'll get it in about a month and a half after joining though....
The deal normally gets you a 30-40% discount on retail price so...
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Prep Classes normally begin the 2nd week of June .
The criteria is quite simple:
If you belong to a reserved category, ABM or a non engeneering background, you HAVE to attend the prep classes.
Not sure but i believe ABM students have to join by either the 1st week r second week.
It is...
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Duplicate post
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Oh damn, how could i have been so insensitive
I stand corrected after Kapil's statement....
My previous post only applies to those interested in the opposite sex.... No offense to anyone (Again!!!)
Anyway, AFAIK XL has a pretty good ratio
And i sit here discussing the topic with guys ...
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While our seniors seem to be basking in the glory of completing their MBA, us juniors (soon to be seniors) are facing a challenge from beyond helll.... Maaroing a Pappu (getting a PPO for the un-initiated)
It works out well for me though, my company does not have a PPO policy in place yet :)
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After a year at Lucknow, it is safe to dispell any scary thoughts on high academic rigour at L.....
I'm sure someone must've already mentioned it, i'll restate for the benefit of everyone, you can really chill out and still get a decent cg at L (Decent for me would be 6.5-7)
Disclaimer: If ...
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Don't know how many times i've heard that pesky question?
To all others (Barring IIM professors) my answer is a straight faced " It's one of those things....you know...like i cant sing well, Similarly...I'm not good with studies"
Now, that you(and I) have committed the sin of not studying, ...
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I'm deinitely the odd one out here!!!!
But as someone said...here goes nothing...
B.B.S.(D.U., Graduation):59.3
Cat%ile: 99.85
COnverted : L
as far as GD & PI's are concerened....acc to me all GD's went off well.
PI's: pretty much horrible to ...
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Hehe, heard about that.
It's 60 bucks if i'm not mistaken. (Why would anyone not attend????:wow: )((Guess my resolve to reduce drinking...is shot to hel(L)))
Met quite a few IIML pass outs workin at Nestle. (prolly pulling my leg with MOSQUITO NETS !!!!)
Also, heard that we can choose Ho...
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Hello All,
Needed some vella questions answered.....
1.Swimming pool on campus???
2.Essentials to bring on campus (a sundry list of items...i've heard Mosquito nets figures at the top)
3.Service centres for laptops in Lucknow (Which all companies present?)
4.Are Bikes/Cars really n...