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@RaghavSiva NAME: Raghav10th: 8912th: 85GRAD: 84WORK EX: 36 months (TCS)SCORE: 88 (40-acad + 23-GD + 25-PI)WHICH PLACE YOU RESIDE: ChennaiVERDICT- IBS Hyderabad
hey i have also been selected for ibs hyderabad is it a good college is it worth joining?they demand a hefty amount i heard it used to be good before,it is just about ok,did u talk to any seniors is it good
subhendu131 good to see experienced ppl joining.me too have 3.5 yrs o.... 22 Apr '13.
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I got in IBS-Mumbai and waitlisted for IBS-Hyd. My score is 77. I am not going for IBS-mumbai.What are my chances to get selected in 2nd list????? Please help...
subhendu131 i have score 76.what are my chances.. 17 Apr '13.
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@IBSIndia i have been waitlisted for HYD campus.but i want join only HYD.what should i do now?
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do wailisted candidates ibs hyd have to fill selection form???do help!!!
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I have got 3.3 yrs workex in a manufacturing firm,is it good fro me to apply for SIMS??
what will be the approx cutoff this time??
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plz tell abt the institute.its pedagogy,placements etc.i got 3.3 yrs of workex in manufacturing firm.got to join this year itself???whats your say!!!
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what will be the expected cutoff for SIMS??
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TAxi driver
AMerican beauty
FIght club
5 5
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set 140
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percentile buddy???