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Congratulations to all the students of SCMHRD, HR seems to go strong these days
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Hello Hyderabadi PaGals,
Guys we can surely meet on Friday at Eat Street, 6pm. It's gonna be my first PG Meet. I am pretty much excited about it. Well, till then. Take Care. Have Fun.
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Hi Blues,
Man, Thnx for the info. Seems like u too are planning to pursue MBA/MSc from UK. Is it?
Well, anyway thnx. Where r u working BTW?
Looking forward to ur reply...
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Hi Guys,
Good to see a thread dedicated for MBA/MSc in UK. I have a Question, hope someone can help me out in this. I am planning to do MBA/MSc in UK this Sep 06' with specialisation in Finance. Now, how much worth is it or how much value does the degree holds once i come back to India or in t...
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Hello 2 All Pagals of Hyderabad,
Whoever started this thread deserves a Big pat from me. Dude, u doing gr8.
Anyway, lemme introduce myself. I am a BBM grad with distinct rank in Marketing. Worked for a call centre for 6 months. Looking for a job now. And at the same time planning to take u...
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Hi Aditi,
Well the CGPA is a kind of a level of score which you have to maintain throughout your academic year so that you can actually qualify for their placement service. It's nothing but certain level of academic performance which every student has to maintain by performing not only good bu...
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Hello Guys n Gals,
Seems to be a lot of things happening in this thread. Many people are getting offer letters. Well heartily congrats to all those who have actually made it to SPJCM.
But as RohitGanguly puts it, that can be really true that many of them might not be willing to be ACTUALLY ...
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Thats correct Man. Totally agree with you.
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They gonna give you a call for evaluations based on your academics and various other achievements. As far as your XAT scores are concerned u gonna send u a mail and u need to reply back about your XAT score.
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Hello guys,
Can some one comment whether the TIME in Hyd has weekend classes?