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had a call from A but did not convert
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u mean I could come back in September and still fill it ?
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When is the form out? Around what time is the last date to get the form? and the last date to submit it ?
Last time I got it in July and sent it then itself . This time I could be out of the country till September
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After I got my interview call, I was googling for GD/PI experiences. One of the links pointed here.
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Any idea about LG and Phillips phones ?
LG seems to have cheap GPRS phones.
Also there's Siemens A60 or something which is seen in newspaper ads these days - anybody more info on these ?
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The GD letters that IIM-A sent had some serial no. on them, which was also the order in which the interviews were conducted.
Any idea what the order was - cat score, alphabetical , geographical , random ???
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What is the number of interview calls for A ?
I heard its 6 times the no of seats.
Also does 260 inlcude or exclude ABM ?
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10th - 91.5
12th - 89.6
Engg- 7.51 / 10
CAT - 98.84
Only A ( iitian)
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Many people go through this sometime in their life :)
People hold two views on this:-
1. Don't get stuck in the "what if .... .... ?" fill in the blank with your favorite dilemma
There is no fool like the one who never asked.
Lastly - Rejection from one does not mean rejection from a...