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Guys a small doubt : suppose when the second list comes out and if i convert my 2nd preference. Do i have to pay the Fee or not because im waiting for my 1st preference. in case if i dont pay will my admission be cancelled and no further movement would happen on my name or in the next list dere i...
sourabhmanna If no fees is paid, you won't be considered for upgradati.... 05 Jun '13.
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Hello Everyone ! Since MDI has not taken out its WL now, it seems it will take time. My issue is that I have paid fee for XIMB, where the last date to withdraw is 7th. In case I convert MDI later, what should be the course of action ? I am WL at 44. Please tag relevant people, as I am not very ac...
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sourabhmanna @DonZ Once you are allocated a course, you need to pay to.... 02 Jun '13.
sourabhmanna If you apply for withdrawal before the start of the sessi.... 02 Jun '13.
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Update for WL guys:
Just visited MDI for depositing the second installment of fee... Asked the man there, regarding the wl movement... he said that wait till next week as abhi to sab seats full hai...he also added withdrawls aa rahe hai... maine poocha ki is it true ki 700 buffer calls hai is ...
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sourabhmanna @cognos77 PGP is operational only in MDI Gurgaon and MDI .... 02 Jun '13.
sourabhmanna @cognos77 No info regarding next year is available yet. T.... 02 Jun '13.
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IIM Trichy vs MDI..which one is better??? Converted IIM Trichy..Got PGPIM in MDI..Want PGPM in MDI..If for a moment one forgets the IIM tag of IIM T, then which college is better quality-wise???
sourabhmanna As said by @seba_catrpillar , please do proper research b.... 29 May '13.
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Guys, from a purely quality of Placement point of view (as in where there are higher chances/probability of getting a good package), which one of the following is advisable?
MDI HR / IIM Raipur / IIM Trichy / IIM Udaipur
sourabhmanna @Bottomline21 From what I have seen in past two years, Ao.... 28 May '13.
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Wilfried Zaha is "on the verge of something big", feels England manager Roy Hodgson
Zaha on the verge of something big , says Hodgson
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DibyaDreams @Budokai001 I know bro, that's why I referred to those ba.... 29 May '13.
davidwatson1212 I guess Rihanna has a solid reason to be "Unfaithful" now.... 30 May '13.
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David Moyes has let go of Eric Steele(our goalkeeping coach) and Mike Phelan.... these people were with Utd for a long time, don't know if the steps taken were right or wrong
p.s....AS they stay if it aint broken, don't mend it
sourabhmanna David Moyes would like to bring his own staff who underst.... 25 May '13.
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The odds are that MDI has given buffer calls for PGPM only and those who got IM and HR rank PGPM converts and buffers..
Coz that is the only reason there hasnt been an upgrade yet..
sourabhmanna @LeoV Last year, there were 450 calls for PGPM, 120 for P.... 24 May '13.
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Seniors, Does MDI have tie up with banks for providing education loans?? what is the procedure? do they ask for any guaranter or collateral? Please guide.
sourabhmanna The document requirement is uploaded on the FB group. . 22 May '13.
sourabhmanna @sneha_srivastava The next installment will be in August .... 22 May '13.
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All 91 league clubs have now changed their managers since Arsenal last won a trophy back in 2005.