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Very nice one!
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No body has objection.... but i like readin the articles in the html format than the monotonous lengthy format in here, in the forum... so if u can post a link that will be nice... also we can read related articles in that... am not telling that post links as economist.com... but as The Nobel pr...
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long article.. but a good read..
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hello people,
I'm doing final year MBA, specialising in Finance/Systems. I'm looking out for a job in finance profile, but mite join systems company too when it comes along with a good package.
Everyone writes the NCFM exams, i just wanted to know whether does it add any value to my resume...
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Something to think about before we advocate about reservation:
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Hi PGites,
Read the whole thread. I see many guys/girls telling that they have absolutely no problems having a non virgin partner provided they are honest.
1.I still don't understand y u want to know things if its not going to be of any importance to u.
2.Situation 1: OK! U love/marry, ...
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after lot of pgites review.. i read "inscrutable americans" by anurag. Actually i did not find it very hilarious. Its a story of an indian who goes to america for studies. i mean we have seen enough and more of movies on this. Not a great book as i thot it to be. it would ve been hilarious in 90'...
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too good to be true?? any ways of veryfying it.. calling pagals from nagpur!!
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we have so many ambiguities whether BNA is a part of BIM or not! i dont think any of BIM students will be able to help u on that.. please do enough and more backgroud check before u join!... maybe u can ask someone there already... to be frank we actually have very less knowledge about it!
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dont worry about classes!! its all fun and u will get used to the schedule once u come here... i think u shud come and experience it rather than we telling us how its going to be.. as ash said wont spoil the fun... i can assure u that there is a lot in store..
meanwhile if u have a two wheeler...