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XLRI campus, Jamshedpur Only a Xavier School of Management (XLRI) can actually turn around and admit that “yes, there were a few errors in the XAT exam held last Sunday January 6, 2013.” Today Prof Ballabh Vishwa, Head of Admissions at XLRI told PaGaLGuY that there were a couple of errors in the GK exam and all ...
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DEVILISHANGEL @abhishek-mdi: hahaha...you said it boss! I have been una.... 14 Jan '13.
godsavemeonly @mavericmonck well said. 23 Jan '13.
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71.2% cut-off for MBBS/BDS? :-oNever seen more than 1-2 MBBS doctors crossing 70% in my life .. At least not in any colleges of Gujarat.
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CAT will take some 1/50th time of that in NEET :-P .. 6 hours a day is more than enough if you prepare for 9-10 months. However, it depends a lot on you too.
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All information disseminated by government-owned educational institutes such as the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) or the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) must be automatically trustworthy because public institutions don't need to market themselves, so goes the popular belief. It is only the private in...
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jain_ashu @Devilishangel... I sure hope not. When I was researching.... 20 Mar '13.
mission.og lol. 3d.
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Well i was not active since a long time but I think this is a bit too much.
Seniors are having the exams so it is very difficult for them to reply swiftly. Please give them some time.
I am not the official spokesperson from this college but all i would like to say is, the issue seems over-...
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Not that I have spent a lot of years on the planet, but the best people I have ever worked with were broadly of two types --- they were either driven by a higher sense of purpose that they had attached to their professions early in their careers or they were just very hard working and disciplined, a quality developed and ...
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addots a good one! but only one argument that may weaken the tan.... 29 Jan '13.
Keys this is something i came across. pretty valid i think. In.... 30 Jan '13.
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Many doctors are pursuing a management degree to get into healthcare management. (Photo: Truthout.org's photostream) Shashank Prabhu, a doctor by profession, made headlines last week by cracking the Common Admission Test (CAT) and that too with a 100 percentile score. One question that the entire media asked him was why di...
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Drtushar medicine is only for book muggers..no creativity. 16 Sep '12.
Pooja9211 Hello there! This is really informative! I am interested .... 04 Oct '13.
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PaGaLGuY caught up with Common Admissions Test (CAT) 2011 topper Shashank Prabhu for an exclusive chat. Shashank, who is currently pursuing his MBA from the Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), University of Delhi, had worked with PaGaLGuY in its editorial team for a year before joining FMS. Incidentally Shashank had also...
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svishw congrats...and All the Best !!!. 03 Apr '12.
priyanka0020 Hi All, Can anybody connect me with concerned person of F.... 12 Aug '12.
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7 different objects must be divided between 3 people. How many ways are there if 1 or 2 groups of them can get no object?
a. 15120
b. 2187
c. 3003
d. 792
Pls elaborate method. i cant get it.
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