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Word root: misienEffectively, 'misien/miso' is the root for hatred and words based on this root in some way or the other signify this sentiment. Let's have a look at a few of these words:1. Misogyny: Hatred of women (Gyny stands for women, remember what a gynaecologist does).2. Misandry: A hatr...
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Using roots to learn words:Dolorous:
Word Origin:The word dolorous comes from the Latin root 'doloro-, dolor-, dolori- , dol- +', meaning 'to feel pain, to grieve; sorrow, grief, mourning'.There are a number of other interesting words that are derived from this source. One of those is the Lati...
krishans one can't remember words without going to the heart of ma.... 15 Aug '13.
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Its the most innovative way of learning words online
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smartppc nice attempt. 07 Aug '13.
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puys...no enthusiasm for vocabulary..
let us try to make this space active and vibrant..
5 mnemonics for today:prudent: prudent president(Sensible and careful when you make judgments and decisions.)laconic: lack a tonic in speech(Using or marked by the use of few words; terse or concise.)
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hi puys..any new vocab resources to share here?and any new vocab books that are avl. in the market and can be used?two books that i have used and gained from:1. word power made easy (obvious one)2. six weeks to words of power by wilfred funk (this one is nice and compact, around 500 words)
Vs all abt words. 20 Jul '13.
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New words of the day SCOTCH- mujhe scotch peene se mat scotch kar!#to stop some event or spoil it.SALACIOUS- my saala is watching salacious movies#related to sex LICENTIOUS-tumhe to license mil gaya hai licentious hone ka !#unrestrained in terms of sex.( basically it is similar to salacious)
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smartppc good work tushar..lets keep this going and post as many m.... 23 May '13.
smartppc lets post 3 to 5 every day..i will keep posting useful vo.... 23 May '13.
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some new mnemonics:termagant: malignant aunt a violent, turbulent, or brawling woman.
tenable: Ten-Able , ten people able to understand something so it has to be logical and is capable of being maintained in argument;
underwrite: write under the contract, sign the contract to show agr...
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Some words from my side:SABBATICAL: sab-baate-kal, i have to complete my work today.#going on a voluntary holidaySAGACIOUS: saag khaane vale !#wise and canny personTHWART: is art exhibition ko mat roko!#to put a halt to something.
smartppc nice word tushar. 23 May '13.
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guys we are officially into CAT season now..lets start learning some words..what say? lets start some vocab thread game..where we keep posting words and their mnemonics..any ideas? anyone up for it???
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Really worried abt vocab part....wat to do?
smartppc you can use a couple of vocab books like 6 weeks to words.... 10 May '13.
smartppc you can also use sites such mnemonic dictionary and wordp.... 10 May '13.