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How about a meet on Marine Drive?All the more fun in the monsoons!
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i think L1 mocks are kinda comparable but the most imp thing about them is that they give you practice.
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depends on which level you are taking @[566884:mba4mheart]
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(Also read Part 1 and Part 2 of the series introducing the new PaGLaGuY) The one question a lot of people have asked us about the next-generation PaGaLGuY is: What happens to Private Messages (PMs)? Do they stay or go? I have two exciting updates to share in our re-imagined PM feature on PaGaLGuY. ...
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deepu @OFS right now working on it. will be back very soon.. 31 Jul '12.
OFS @deepu WOW... thnks a lot to you and the whole PG team fo.... 06 Aug '12.
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(Click for full image) So this is it people, today is the Last Day that you will see PaGaLGuY in its current avatar. We transition to the new PaGaLGuY starting tomorrow afternoon (the article assumes you sleep till noon), the one we've been introducing you to since the last week. For those who are reading this for the firs...
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deepu @IDas we are working on it. should in available in a week.. 25 Jul '12.
IDas Ok great !. 25 Jul '12.
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In last week's first preview of the next-generation PaGaLGuY, we introduced you to the upcoming 'Follow' feature, and how your experience with the new PaGaLGuY will revolve around following people, discussions and articles. We strongly believe that online communities aren't as much about the information posted ...
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Apurv This is a comment in bold. 08 Jul '12.
Apurv @Apurv No its not. 08 Jul '12.
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..:: Directorate of Technical Education, Maharashtra State, Mumbai ::..
The above link will give you an idea about the expected timelines based on the schedule last year
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In the last 10 years since it said hello to the world, PaGaLGuY has come to define how MBA applicants across India share information and network with each other online to crack the toughest MBA entrance tests and get into the best business schools in India and across the world. But how many of you remember PaGaLGuY.co...
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Rahulacc PG .. love you till the end !! :) . 04 Jul '12.
Minceworth What's wrong with the page resolution? It is been crunche.... 09 Jul '12.
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Manoj Rana on graduation day Uttar Pradesh born Manoj Rana is not the predictable computer engineer who ended up doing an MBA. His reasons were slightly different. A dreadful fire in 2005 had rendered both of Manojs hands and his upper extremities severely contracted. Today, after suffering 95% burns, undergoing 54 surgeri...
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thedestint A med school's fee in India is approx Rs.25-30 lakhs(must.... 28 Oct '13.
gijoe 25-30 lakhs to become a doc!!!! :O No wonder, all the G.... 29 Oct '13.
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thanks for the clarification buddy but as you said your suggestion ought to reach the concerned authorities. how about writing them an email instead of posting here... anyway, i guess this discussion ought to end here. lets all stay on topic from now on :). atb man, cheers