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siva_prasad replied to NDIM New Delhi
hey please provide me the link for the same(regarding last date)
siva_prasad replied to SJCBA Batch of 2008-10
hai dude,read u r post.pls can u tel me some gud mat b schools?i did nt apply any yet.
siva_prasad replied to NDIM New Delhi
some one pls tell me wat is the last date to apply for ndim.did nt apply at.wat r the venues for gd pi.And whole process is in one day right?am tense.please reply
siva_prasad replied to Christ university 2010-11
i gav dec mat and also giving feb mat.got a mail from chris to apply for gd pi for dec mat.then wat about feb mat.then we can go for gdpi for two times.pls throw some light.
siva_prasad replied to Christ university 2010-11
1)what about pgdm and mba which i come across in the web site.which is good.
2)what is the flag ship program in christ?
3)are the programes are residential?
4)other than flahship program wat r the others we can choose and r they gud enough.
5)wat are the venues for gd pi?
pls answe...
siva_prasad replied to AMITY Business School, Noida [2011-2013]
i did nt undersand this"You can not apply more than once for the same programme in one admission year".what is this means?am applyin for it through dec mat 2010.also want to giv feb mat.so if i apply now then it means no chance for feb mat?..........pls clear my doubt!!
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hey ip address for what.how to use .i didnt get u.
siva_prasad replied to T20 World Cup 2010, Indian Team and Chances
my opinion is dhoni shud hav taken the bowling first.bcoz for runrate decided matches chasing may b a good option.as india has no good bowling strength from decades.they can't restrict n even they try to defend the main target.nd although bowlin first is a gud option in this case(in my point of v...
siva_prasad replied to 3 movies you wouldnt mind watching a 1000 times.
siva_prasad replied to Probationary Officers Test Aspirants [Feb 2010 ...
hai puys,plss some one dicuss the syllogisms becoz i messed up completely.can any 1 tell me how to answer those.plssss.