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BBSR, 3:15 PM, RCM1) How many attempts you have made and also mention the accuracy level.QA/DI : 21-22 VA/LR: 21-22 Have good accuracy in 1st section. But, VA is very unclear, definitely not very good.2) Your last mock score? Didn't take any mocks this year.3) How was your experience of the test?...
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Meanwhile, we hope you have put in your entry to the PaGaLGuY Comic Contest # 2 running here, with prizes of Rs 8,000 worth Flipkart vouchers. Concept, illustrations and graphics by Deepak Gopalakrishnan aka chuck_gopal, a Mallu-turned Mumbaikar who blogs here and tweets here.
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gtmdewan HR johari... Ver funny logic behind this nomenclature. H.... 11 Apr '12.
grondmaster @gtmdewan, I don't think Chuck's Hindi is as good to get .... 12 Apr '12.
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kolaveriCAT "Mera ikraar tere inkaar se accha hoga
meri raat tere din se accha hoga
yakeen nahi aatha tho doli se jhankkar dekhna
mera janaza tere baraat se accha hoga..."
kya likha hai...wah wah;
bhai wah...
kisi toote dil se nikli hogi ye baat;
Kash ki kabhi dil ne saki k...
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Three-year part-time MBA courses at the Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), Delhi University may soon be converted to Executive MBA programmes of two-years' duration. A proposal to redesign the part-time MBA courses at FMS was approved by the Academic Council of the University in a closed-door meeting late evening on T...
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ryannath Does experience on NGO sector be counted for the executiv.... 30 Mar '13.
khalid.akhtar Hi PuysI am working as an electrical engineer with a Fren.... 23 Feb.
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same here dood..
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thoda nahi 'babut' late ho gaye hain
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Editor's note: Guest writer and IIM Ahmedabad student SG Shrinivas believes that the actual life as an MBA student is far from what is portrayed in the media, and those preparing for admissions should not base their decisions on sensational placement reports. --------- Have you thought it through well? (Photo: Dan McKay) Ev...
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shrinivassg @manish_harodia , PGP1 when I wrote this. Passed out and .... 09 May '13.
tush1992 A really nice and thoroughly written article sir. I mysel.... 27 Jun '13.
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phat ke piece piece ho gayi hai.. kya peace maarein
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Like the India vs. Bayern Munich thing.. waiting impatiently for that
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For the United States, Lalita Booth is the homeless to Harvard wonder. The face of hope, a much refined version of the staid rags-to-riches story only this time the riches is not in dollars but in educational degrees. For us here, she makes sense because till a few years ago, she was a teenage-mother, living off scraps an...
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kishoremmf good quote in the end!!!. 04 Dec '11.
Sakshi_Rangroo Vow , such people are an inspiration indeed.....And yes ,.... 07 Dec '11.