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Simpu_21 replied to Need Gmat Study Partner
hi i am apu from kopar khairane , navi mumbai ...planning to give gmat in aug end
@Sachin Anand have you formed a GMAT group for navi mumbai?
Simpu_21 replied to Gmat in July 2010 end for strategies
Hey all.
me from navi mumbai ...me too planning to give GMAT in last week of AUG..
working in IT.....(God this is crowded segment ! )
Simpu_21 replied to GMAT study group in Mumbai
hey all me to from navi mumbai , I plan to start preping from 15 may ...
(have to finish few exam before that)
gr8 to see mumbairkars on one thread
Simpu_21 replied to Working Guys : How do u manage to study after c...
3 attempts @ ...enough is enough for me .....atleast i anint givin CAT no more....
Simpu_21 replied to Some Books I have Read & Would Recommend
recently finished iCon ....the book is about Steve Jobs who started apple and pixar animation....apparently he was thrown out of apple a a company which he himself started
good read ..
I have heard about The Third Wave by Alvin Toffler.....i will be searching for this ...also does any one k...
Simpu_21 replied to Fad for Bikes:Which is ur Fav Bike!!!
I own a Pulsar 150 and Royal Enfield ThunderBird.....both are different machines meant for different purposes ...and i love both of them ...
the T BiRD is an awesome awesome machine....read an article that yamaha plans to launch R6 by 2009 in india...will have to start saving for that machine....
Simpu_21 replied to 'Da vinci code' movie be banned?
no way the movie should be banned ...i am thru reading the book 80 % ..have to finish it before 19 its release date....and then watch the first day first show...cos i fear that some political groups might create havoc in mumbai ...then ban the moive after 2 or 3 shows..i have done some research d...
Simpu_21 replied to All India PG Meet 2006 : 14th May
hey can i join ???
Simpu_21 replied to Top school with no aid or average school with f...
yes even i was shocked a year back when i browsed the top ranked univ websites...even INSEAD and MSB are costly...then i tought abt an UK MBA ...but.......I got a negative feedback about UK MBA......I wish i had rich uncle in US
Simpu_21 replied to US job mkt 2009 -- predictions
ok pardon my pessimistic view , but just to think ...there are chances that risising Oil prices could bring about a economic slowdown......there are chances of housing bubble bursting...there are chances of financial collapse due to these new financial instruments.......just read the following ex...