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Hi guys.. even i got a Job in infosys... thanks to manpreet and anil.. i cud know my results.. after four " nothing to boast of" years in engg college and a failed attempt at CAT last year. ... this has come has a welcome news...
So i stand a chance to atleast to dream of the...
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Hey anil!!!
I must admit..U sure are a treasure house of "underground" sites...
anyway PG what does this astala vista mean.. and why is it close to ur heart?? 8-)
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Great Idea... Vikash.. i second it...
i think PG u shud think abt it... i think it ll increase the no. of useful contributions manifold...!!
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>Do take some time off and read the text below. A slightly long read, but
>pretty interesting .....
>A very interesting and inspiring speech... Many a people have been
>by this speech....
>This is a speech ...
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Yeh Pal..lot's of ppl dont honour the bond and leave the company..coz it is going to cost the the company lots of money to sue someone for not honouring the bond... and also who wants to take a head ache...by getting into this murky waters of law...
many of my frnds did leave companies.. wi...
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Guys!! Guys!! Guys!!...
U ppl have forced me to ..drop in some lines... so following are what i call "Techo Sayari"
roz subha hum karte hai =
> > itne pyar se unhe good morning =
> > woh humhe ghoor kar dekhte hain =
> > jaise 0 error but 5 warning
tumhare samne hain itn...
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Well I think Anil deserves special "Kudos". He was the one who told me abt this group one fine night... and .. ne one who wants to reach me either contacts me at my home or at pg.com
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There are many softwares available like rocket reader and ace reader... just google and U ll get them...U also need to dl their cracks to get the full version. Chk them out...i dont know how far they are useful in increasing Ur speed...
But yes, therez a good book called "How to re...
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Great link!!!
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I agree with U ..enigme... the movie "Matrix" is not only about the stunning visual effects... what appeals more is the "concept" ..like "why we exist" and " why we have to make a choice" It bears a very strong resemblance to sayings of lord krishna as he called this world a "maaya" and we a dr...