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Hi, I scored 99.98% in DEC MAT with composite score of 800. (I guess thats the max.) with a strong acad record....
I wanted to know top college under MAT in terms of priority of 1) Placement figures 2) ROI
Geographical area is not a concern for me as i see lot of posts tell top colleges by ...
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Exactly... in the mock i had chosen option D but i got a wrong against it and the correct answer was E none of the above... so wondering if there is any cliche attached to it and if there can be differentiation with regards to option D and E
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I wanted to know if the Rural Managemnt placements are as good as the PGDM course??? Please reply
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In questions such as :
In each question below, a statement is given followed by two courses of action. Assume everything in the statement to be true and decide which of the courses of action logically follow for pursuing and mark your answer according to the given choices
(A) Only I follows...
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U made me eat off your hand on this concept... the attachment is as good as it gets
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Hi I wanted to know while submitting the marks percentage, should i give it for the 4 subjects in which i scored high that we had for class X & XII. The reason for asking this is because my board was ICSE & ISC. And for degree colleges we calculated our marks based on the top 4 subjects. Secondly...
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An obscure turning with a small board saying 'Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad' leads you to a narrow road leading to MICA. The institute is so far removed from the humdrum of the city that students often call living there more of a 'social experiment' than a study course. MICA is a specialized institute for 'com...
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siddharthjhunjh I read few of the comments above. My question is I had ap.... 18 Mar '11.