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It is a popular belief among many that the entire state of Goa exists spatially and symbolically just along the shoreline from Calangute to Anjuna. Some of the better informed might know Panjim and for some, maybe Old Goa would ring a bell. In public opinion however, the Goan horizon ends here. Hence to students of Goa Insti...
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piyush_malani Surely ..this is not Life @ GIM....its much more than tha.... 08 Dec '11.
saurabhsachu would miss this place once i leave :( ..... 13 Dec '11.
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Hundreds of MBA students have just about left or are in the process of leaving Mumbai after having completed their summer internships with some or the other firm. For most, this is their first and only close call with actual 'corporate' experience during the MBA. PaGaLGuY reporters Anjali Mangal, Rozelle Laha and Tendar Tse...
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ThEbmr Hello guys, just for those who don't know, I am Ranjeet P.... 25 Jun '11.
ishu_rungta gonna do my interns ths year in mumbai itself. 22 Aug '11.
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The final admission lists of almost all the top b-schools are out, bringing joy to the ones who have made it and anxiety to those on the waitlists. Everybody --- waitlisted or otherwise --- must now plan how to finance their management education. They must start by hunting for banks offering the most attractive education...
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CAT_gunner It would be great if we could have an updated article for.... 09 May '12.
indianist Hi there, can someone tell me what happens if you don't p.... 24 Jul '12.
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I had pretty much the same score pattern as you and needed more time. If you are in a coding job I suggest you try to change ur project to Testing. It is much less stresfull, especially when you come from a coding background and much more analytical if you put your mind to it. And mostly you will...
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It is posts like these that make us happy n sad at the same time. Happy to see that we were able to make a diff in somewhere.. Sad coz we ve been thru this phase of being up against the wall and seemingly nowhere to go and kinda hurts to see someone there...
But let me tell u one thing my fren...
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yes this has already been discussed in the forum quite many times..You can search any seniors' posts on this thread and get the info.
PS-prob searching my posts would be easier as the more regular puys like Jatin, Varun Ruchir have a lot of posts...
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Was just goin thru the thread on new subjects in various "preferred B Schools"
A look at MBA curriculum updates in private b-schools this year | PaGaLGuY.com - India's biggest website for MBA in India, International MBA, CAT, XAT, SNAP, MAT
And I realised a lot of things which the schools i...
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This could have ben PMed also..thoda sa dhyan rakho..bichade bhai se private mein mil lete yar
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The confirmations we got in the excel are from the office only and totally reliable. Its been said a 100 times n more that there are issues with the admin process which surfaced this time and have been communicated to the office..we can understand ur dilemma..But saying it again will not change a...
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The Add/Edit Signature feature has been diasbled as of now. Only those who had made it earlier can edit and only Puys above a certain level can create signature.
This was done coz the mods couldnt verify the huge no of signature add/edits. Read it in the PG help thread..Broke my heart:-(
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