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IIM-L director Dr Devi Singh In an exclusive interview with PaGaLGuY, Dr Devi Singh, director of the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Lucknow speaks about getting over the locational limitation of Lucknow, mentorship of IIM Rohtak and Kashipur and changing systems of admission at the IIMs. IIM Lucknow is the oldest a...
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Raditz Its no longer about engineer and non-eng, though there ar.... 21 Feb '12.
ajaychandar @johnrambo10 , my scores were good enough to get me in.... 3d.
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As the Common Admission Test (CAT) window draws to a close, PaGaLGuY drills down the number of seats available in different categories at the top ten b-schools according to the PaGaLGuY.com B-school Rankings 2011. The data excludes Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Bangalore as it has not yet finalised the total number...
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Musheer87 Population figures really do not matter here...the reserv.... 11 Aug '12.
Musheer87 @Apurv BM and HR add to 240 seats.... 11 Aug '12.