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Shriyukta replied to [07 Sep] Happy Budday MavericK
Happy Birthday, Hunk Mod a.k.a Maverick and of course, Juni !
Wish you a great year ahead !! Have fun, learn French
The Gang - :D:
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Shriyukta replied to Lines to Live by.......
"Nothing fixes a thing so intensely in the memory as the wish to forget it."
The Gang :satisfie:
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Shriyukta replied to Some Books I have Read & Would Recommend
I recently read Suketu Mehta's Maximum City based on Mumbai. I usually can't resist books based on cities, especially Mumbai. However, i was disappointed although the book did inspire me enough to express my opinion.
"Words have a way of betraying the author, revealing his inner fabric of thou...
Shriyukta replied to [3 March 2007] Happy Birthday Shriyukta
Thank you so much, dear all.. !! Especially Govi, Apurv, Amit, Mahip, Curtzimi, profootball, Rahul, Gary, Monil, pensive, rmbt, catcall, Technore, Shankar and Neelabh!!!
You really made my day, its a pleasure to be remembered at the forum even after 4 years .. am a certified oldie now..and r...
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Shriyukta replied to Kahan gayee woh log - Oldies Membership thread
Where's my name in the list ??:wow: am going to haunt you now
- The Gang
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Shriyukta replied to Kahan gayee woh log - Oldies Membership thread
Hello Folks !
am back to haunt ..thanks to Apurv the editosaurus
How is everyone doing ?
Include me in the Oldy Bag..
The Gang -
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Shriyukta replied to Happy Birthday Spiderman aka Gary
Yes, hope you are still weaving your way here.. Happy Birthday Gary
Cheers and enjoy
Shriyukta replied to Happy Birthday Shriyukta
A Very Big, Heartfelt Thankyou to all for remembering li'l ol' me .. esp.
Subbu : the sweetie mod , Euphoria , Catcall , Sharad , Vijay , Zango , Ashish , Monil , Mahip , Sweetgirl , Curtz-IMI , Rohit , Govi , PG : the darling and Maverick: the handsome mod ;)
Shriyukta replied to Happy Birthday uRmad!!
Dear Subbu,
Wish you a very very very happy birthday !!!!!
lots of cheers and best wishes,
Shriyukta replied to Happy Birthday Chandoo!
Dear Chandoo,
Wish you a very happy birthday !!!! :biggrin:
hope u have a great year ahead :)