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I am Aman and planning to give my GMAT by july-august 2013. Currently I am based out of Bangalore (Marathalli area) and looking for partners for preparation of GMAT. My profile is :
Occupation - IT professional
Work Exp - 2 yrs
I am planning to form a group in bangalore to prepare ...
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nivji Hi aman, am also preparing for gmat. Planning to take the.... 01 Aug '13.
BangCAT any study group near Koramangala??. 01 Feb.
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@tanmay199 i will be travelling in march for official visit. I have my interview on 3rd april. i have just asked to postpone it by one or 2 days in bangalore itself. Do you think that will be possible. Else I will have to prepone my return tickets but now i am afraid they will prepone it in march...
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Hi Guys,
Just came out of a "not so successful" cat experience! So my next hope is gmat. I am targeting in mid march to apply forthe following colleges:
nanyang/nus r2 deadline-march 31
hec paris
insead (for jan) r1-3 april
iese-april-8th 2013
imd-1st april
hkust-13 Mar
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Hi ,
I am planning to give gmat in may,2012 only because of the pattern change.
So i have exactly 2 months in hand.
I got a score of 560 in my mock test.
I am pretty good with math just out of touch.
Do you feel that 2 months with say around 30 hours a week is good enough time to p...
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Hi ,
Any idea on what the changed GMAT pattern from June is going to bring.
I saw the sample questions at mba.com but they seem fairly simple.
I somehow don't think it should be that easy.