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The shortlists for GD/PI for the following schools have been announced right after the release of the CAT scores. IIM A and IIM Shillong results are now available. Check below for the links IIM A - http://www.catiim.in/shortlists/iima_shortlist.html IIM Shillong - http://www.catiim.in/shortlists/iims_shortlist.html IIM Ahmed...
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pgl007 What would be the total intake for IIM Shillong PGP this .... 15 Jan '11.
nirmal_c Found this post.. Good option.. Sessions by IIM Alumni...... 13 Jan '12.
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Let us know how it goes for you. ATB!
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ankit9doshi As I had suspected and reported here: http://www.ankit9do.... 05 Mar '10.
ashim455 for all those who feel injustice has been done , instead .... 09 Mar '10.
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In a press release sent this morning, IIM Ahmedabad informed that the CAT results would be announced at the end of February, instead of in the middle of the month, as was announced earlier. The institute did not provide any reasons for the delay. As an interesting aside, the press release is also the shortest one we've ever r...
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akhiltn_85 guys..... enough is enough... i dont expect dem to releas.... 27 Feb '10.
estranged_gnrs Closing comments here. Too much spam and lot of people wi.... 27 Feb '10.