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@shrikant0218 I am really thankful to you for your insights. It will definitely help me in my decision. Really liked the 'learning' part of your comment, will definitely align by it
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@shrikant0218 Thanks a lot for the info. It's been insightful.
Well I have some more doubts, if you can throw some light that will be great.
-->What's the general compensation package for a MT from a Tier-1 B-school?
-->How much a MT take home in hand? If the compensation structure say, ...
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1) How is Mu-Sigma for MBAs passing out from tier-1 management colleges in India ? How good is the job profile (Associate manager & above) for them ?
2) Do they also perform analysis in tools e.g. SAS, VBA, excel (technical stuff) or they get into more of project management, client/relationshi...
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The Indian Institute of Management Udaipur (IIM-U), the newest addition to the IIM fraternity, recently completed the summer placements for its first batch. And some of the leading national and international companies offered a wide range of roles to the students, said the placement report. The five-month-old IIM though sta...
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abhishek-mdi I second @DEVILISHANGEL. The veterans know it well.. 13 Jan '13.
DEVILISHANGEL @abhishek-mdi: abb kya aur batayein :) . 14 Jan '13.
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?One of the new kids on the 'IIM' block, the Indian Institute of Management, Udaipur (IIM-U) sure makes a pretty picture. The peach-coloured building that houses IIM-U looks rather regal on a cold winter morning. The early sun rays strikes it gently and the pockets of fog around the building, slowly melt away. Under the mor...
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ps25 Cant imagine how b-schools take "Freshers" who simply pas.... 29 Dec '11.
abhayk @ps25: i second you mate!!. 30 Dec '11.
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Tux..m kaka! ur neighbour!
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Dear All,
Let me take the privilege to open the "Life @ IIMU" thread. [smiley]
As the name goes, here we will discuss about the IIMU culture, our day-to-day activities and important events.
Some lmportant links:
IIMU website: [smiley]
IIM Udaipur | Indian Institute of Management,...
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What are your acads varcat?
That might may play spoilt game.
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**Kashipur and Udaipur**
The above is a dilemma for some. Which to chose as both are new?
Well ...I have many a converts (good converts) and also Kashipur. K being mentored by L is gud, but we need to see where they were helping. As far as I know L only helps in faculty and infra, not in pl...
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Please continue here.
IIM Udaipur Final Converts Discussion:
http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/cat-an...ml#post2792378 (IIM Udaipur Final Converts Discussion)