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shana_miriam replied to IMI,Delhi ::Admissions 2007
i'm having some doubts regarding the application.
suppose i want to apply by downloading the form from the imi website. is it the scanned image of the OMR sheet as seen in an excel page that we have to print?
secondly, if i want to buy the form, one of the options mentioned in the n...
shana_miriam replied to Preparation Agenda for CAT 2006
Hi cat_banda.. There is separate thread running for CAT07 aspirants. Do post your queries there.
shana_miriam replied to 75,000 plus users on Pagalguy.com!! :Milestone ...
Wow! i was away from pg.com for a while and so much happened out here in this while?? COOL! PG rocks.. keep rocking!!
shana_miriam replied to News regarding IIsc B'lore interview calls
a boy in my class has calls from IISc B'lore and IIT Kharagpur...(thru JMET). he told me that mabe 1 1/2 weeks ago. isnt here now.. gone to attend some GD/PIs in Bangalore.
shana_miriam replied to MBA Lifestyle
hi.. as has already been mentioned in the prev post, almost all kindsa professions demand the same kinda lifestyle from people. doctors hafta b ready to rush to the operation theatre or wot not, 25 hours a day. well man, we dont get paid 4 nothing, nah. And yeah, we can make use of leaves to real...
shana_miriam replied to Stupid things that happens in college
lol! that sure is funny!
shana_miriam replied to Meanings of Names!
well.. thot i'd pop in with my name..
Shana - i am not too sure of the exact meaning.. i know it is of Hebrew origin.. one meaning i am aware of is "beautiful".. and the other is "God is gracious".
anyway, i like my name.. and i dont really subscribe to shakespeare's view point - "what's i...
shana_miriam replied to Best places that you have visited
hi everyone.. i havent been to many places in india... but then i am living in god's own country... wot more can i ask???
i did go down to mumbai early this year. i liked the boating expeditions i went on.. really cool..
shana_miriam replied to How did you get to know about PG forums ?
well.. how did i land up here? my first visit - courtesy google search.. but i didnt sign in then.. jus had a glance.. cudnt come back immediately.. later on, while seriously preparing for CAT05, a friend of mine, who doesnt even know the ABCs of MBA/CAT (a techie person) told me about the existe...
shana_miriam replied to XAT-XLRI (2006) : Queries & Discussion
thanks.. but it didnt work 4 me.. i think that link is meant 2 b used during the regn time..