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The errors may include grammatical ones, as well as those in spelling, punctuation and usage .Find the error in each of the sentence .
1.I'm not accustomed to living in multi-storied apartments.
2.By acting as an insane, he managed to escape the death penalty.
3.Many new roads have been...
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scrabbler @Smoke.7ore I have no idea what you are talking about in.... 1m.
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what is the remainder when x^99 + x ^98 + x^97 +......... + X^0 is divided by X^3-1 ?
scrabbler @cristianokaka Theek hai. Second thing: yeh explain kar .... 3m.
scrabbler (Waise I am not sure if mod concepts for numbers translat.... 2m.
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Let A be a set containing 8 elements.Find the max no. of distinct 3 element subsets of a such that the intersection of any two of them is not a 2 element set..approach please
scrabbler @akki307 no idea. List karna padega. . 1h.
scrabbler @Smoke.7ore I consider this out of scope for CAT (and ag.... 11m.
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Converts: PGDM,PGDCM;CAT OA:99.89Work ex :28 months IT...
Congrats to all the converts!!!!Neone from mumbai here??
scrabbler Phuchkas you will get. Wada-pav hobe na dada :nono: :s.... 22m.
scrabbler The mishti doi is really good though <3 @n47 :thumb.... 19m.
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a pyramid of rectangular base has sides a,b. slant height of the pyramid is l. find height of the pyramid.
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scrabbler CBD. Slant height cannot be uniquely defined for a non-re.... 41m.
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There is a natural number which become square of another natural number when 169 is added to it, and to the square of another natural number when 100 is added to it. Find the number
scrabbler Suppose the number is n. Then n + 169 = x^2 and n+100 = .... 55m.
scrabbler @MJ477 If there is a "CBD" in the answer choices, we als.... 54m.
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in how many ways these 9 people can be arranged?
scrabbler crackthecat.wordpress.com/2013/03/27/basic-linear-and-cir.... 1h.
scrabbler Please read the above links carefully and then rethink. .... 1h.
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Can anyone tell the details about PGDCM placements and recruiters ?
PGDM and DCM both sit together for the placements OR placements are done separately ?#Confused
scrabbler @theimposter Not extra courses, just a different set of .... 8h.
scrabbler Just get out with a degree. You will get a placement. :s.... 2h.
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It is not the / first time that the/ State is reeling over/ these diseases
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Many budding authors send me their manuscripts. I am always surprised to see how many are written by MBA graduates. The first possibility that comes to mind is that there is an artist hidden in each one of us. But due to the pursuit of 'safe careers', very few are willing to take a risk and pursue artistic professions. It i...
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scrabbler I need to kick myself and start writing. Laziness is the .... 6h.