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Hello Friends...I have made a WhatsApp Group..Who have decided & are going to join..Please share your contact numbers..will add them..so that we can easily discuss the upcoming things.
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saurabh_1983 All the best guys ! Make the best of this one year. 30 Mar.
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Hey Puys !!
I see a lot of threads going on here regarding various certification programs like FRM/GARP, CFA, CFP, ICWA, etc. But no active threads on Project Management certification.
So, I take this initiative to start a thread on Project Management Professional (PMP) from Project Manage...
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saurabh_1983 I cleared PMP 10 days ago. My suggestion - Refer one boo.... 30 Mar.
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can somebody tell me whats the gmat application fees??
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saurabh_1983 where can I take a diagnostic test to assess my current .... 18 Mar.
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Hi All,
I will be joining MDI, have deposited the initial amount. I am facing some problem while getting a loan from SBI. The sector 15 branch of SBI in Gurgaon (opp Petrol pump) is the branch from which all the loans for MDI are processed. I had given the MDI test for selection (not CAT). The...
saurabh_1983 I am not opting for the course but I did enquire about th.... 12 Mar.
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Articles worth reading for aspirants of 1 year MBA
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saurabh_1983 @LedZepppelin As per my profile what schools should I ta.... 11 Mar.
saurabh_1983 Thanks @LedZepppelin . I plan to take classes for gmat..... 11 Mar.
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What's the next step puys are planning, who are not selected for GMP? Have you applied to any other colleges or is there any other college accepting the application? Please elaborate honestly so that it could help others..................Thanks in advance.
saurabh_1983 Hey puys Any thoughts on MDI NMP especially for IT folks .... 06 Mar.
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Hie Guys,Today I had my interview at MDI campus. MDI Interview details
There were two panelist P1 and P2. The interview lasted for 20 mins1.About my profile2. Opinion about Aravind Kejriwal. Do you support the fact he has reduced the price of Electricity in Delhi.3. Subsidies and cross subsidi...
nimmz executiveplacements@mdi.ac.in . 12 Feb.
dev_lnt any update about result ..................?. 15 Feb.
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Guys, Good luck for your interview tomorrow
saurabh_1983 good luck to all. 09 Feb.
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OK got the call for PI, now anybody please tell what and how to prepare... any tips would be appreciated.. thanx in advance
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paisana @saupandey As you are having full time experience, you a.... 06 Feb.
saupandey @paisana --- hmm i thought so..thanks..:)...do u have an.... 07 Feb.
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Today is 31st May, the last day to accept Offer of Admission from IIML-NC for WMP 2013-2016 batch.
I presume around 15 out of 23 people following this thread received the offer..
So, finally how many of us accepted the offer and submitted 70k for the most exciting journey of 27 months !!
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