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For people who joined a two-year program at an MBA coaching institute and are wondering why they are still miles away from their choicest b-schools, here are some revelations. In a survey conducted by PaGaLGuY.com amongst 366 students from the top b-schools in India on 'which preparatory program helped them get through a ...
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harshitthefunky thnx a lot for such helpful info... 08 Nov '09.
anonymous i dont agree with the view.since the students who are vot.... 07 Feb '10.
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Here's to all the friendships we've made on PaGaLGuY, all the people on the forums who've become important to our lives and the force that PaGaLGuY has become in all our lives in the last seven years. We finally recorded The PaGaLGuY Song - until now performed live only at the All India PaGaLGuY Meet - at a studio in Hyderab...
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bhaduriarchit :clap: . 18 Apr '13.
Leeza mast song:). 23 Apr '13.
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Next Meaning:Long and Ponderous having many syllables(Adjective.)
_ _ S _ _ i _ _ d _ _ _ a _.
next meaning:comprehensive view of world and human life
W_ _ T_ _ _ _ _ A _ _ _ G
Next: complicated series of paths
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:bigear: - Answers please
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Am a big fan and i do learn a lot of things from his shows . Thanks for letting me know more about Harsha .
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Hi PaGalz this is Satish