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Puys...help me out please...my WL for IIFT is 201 (pata ni kya shagun mein paise dene wali WL number diya hai)...two doubts:
1) Is there a realistic chance of thinking of a conversion...?
2) If yes, then by when can i expect t to...the prob is, or rather the saviour is, i have a converted ...
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aniket90 @anandvit I have two seniors in my company as interns , .... 10 Apr.
anandvit @aniket90 once i get reply for my RTI Then it will be cl.... 10 Apr.
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W/L No. 127....I guess IIFT dream is dead
satan99 Mr. Gaurav Gulati Sr. Administrative Officer (Academics) .... 04 Apr.
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w/l - 209 around 250 are on w/l !!!
seats increased in kolkata !!!
Kurama8080 wo sab placement ke time dekh lenge :D . 05 Apr.
arsharora @Kurama8080 exactly bhai . 05 Apr.
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Try this....its workinghttp://sis.imtcdl.ac.in/ia/Candidatelogin.aspx
parasdutta12 its opening now.. but i dont remember my loginID pass... . 27 Mar.
rahul.sharma13 Lol, yeah the link is up, but still down for maintenance.. 27 Mar.
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Anybody up for CFA level -1 for DEC guys ?? will make a a study group here at PG
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luxor i am in too.. . 18 Mar.
Akul01 IN. 18 Mar.
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If you are going to a Dena Bank, you would want to carry this(in case of ambiguity in terms of Loan availability and collateral)
satan99 it says reimbursement if the fee paid is for 3 months!!!:(. 06 Mar.
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Hey guys!! Today I enquired at Dena bank & SBI for the loan. The details are mentioned below.
Dena Bank:
Max loan available - 10L( No security upto 7.5l, if loan greater than 7.5 l den security of atleast 75% of the loan amount is necessary).
Security in the form of Bank ...
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satan99 @HetaMehta :What about Dena bank regarding reimbursement.... 06 Mar.
satan99 The thing is that I am hopeful for other calls,so I want .... 06 Mar.
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Now all hopes on IIFT to save my Rs. 6.85 lakhs
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kmaheshkumar18 well said @karthik3090 . 11 Mar.
Kurama8080 @karthik3090 absolutely true bro !!.... it seems "most".... 11 Mar.
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What exactly is a Migration Certificate?
satan99 same here never got any tc or migration from college. 05 Mar.
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I hope ..i have converted the call since i have been 'SELECTED' for MBA.In case there is a change ...it will be joke of the decade for me
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satan99 Happened with cat 2010 results as well,relax ppl. 05 Mar.