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Photo Credit: robnguyen01The Common Admission Test (CAT) exam has also seen its share of impostors. PaGaLGuY confirmed the news with two former CAT Convenors, Prof Himanshu Rai and Prof SSS Kumar, who admitted that there were impersonators when they were at the helm but they were caught and dealt with immediately. Prof SSS...
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sailaja.s yeah.... 29 May '13.
mayankhbti12 it was called BD in our graduate college... BACK DOOR ENT.... 01 Jun '13.
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The buzz inside b-schools this year is, that 2013 is the worst placement season India's MBA programs have ever seen, worse than 2009 even. We are trying to reason this year's peculiarly startling results of the PaGaLGuY B-school Rankings survey in that context, and need your help further. Never before in the five years of...
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kunjesh ****. 18 Oct '13.
missionCAT13 @raven_007 You were banned :O ? . 22 Oct '13.
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Three-year part-time MBA courses at the Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), Delhi University may soon be converted to Executive MBA programmes of two-years' duration. A proposal to redesign the part-time MBA courses at FMS was approved by the Academic Council of the University in a closed-door meeting late evening on T...
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ryannath Does experience on NGO sector be counted for the executiv.... 30 Mar '13.
khalid.akhtar Hi PuysI am working as an electrical engineer with a Fren.... 23 Feb.
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Got PGDM-FT at Ghaziabad campus but I already have NMIMS Core so the waitlist moves by 1
Congrats to all the call getters, rock on
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Name :- Hari
Place:- Nagpur
Working\fresher (age):- 43months/25
Gender:- Male
Smoking:- No
Drinking:- Only if I have good company else I am as dry as any teetotaler can be. A vegetarian who can eat eggs and cook good chicken :-P
Any other requi...
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Merit No. 175
Final Score: 55.61.
NMAT Score-217
Congratulations to all the admits.
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Why is it a huge blow?! Stop panicking, the mail clearly states you may also likely get another admit from G or for that matter N or H.
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For those of you interested Mihir and I were in the same group yet look at the difference in opinion about the GD and the diversity of questions asked.
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(Photo: Aidan Jones) A little late in the day, but it's here nevertheless: PaGaLGuY WAT-GD-PI Connect is now live and ready for use., with IIM Calcutta, NITIE Mumbai, VGSoM IIT Kharagpur, IIM Indore, New IIMs, IIT Kanpur, IIT Roorkee, IIT Delhi, BIM Trichy, NIBM Pune, TISS Mumbai and GIM Goa already enabled. Those with...
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jknrocks ximb. 15 Jan '13.
stagnant03 can we get this thread started this year also ???. 16 Jan.
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This interview is for the course: HRM
Other calls: (other XL calls, other institute calls): ISB-Hyd, IMT-G, MDI, XIMB, SIBM, SCMHRD, NMIMS-Mum
XAT percentile: 97.88
Interview Centre: XIMR, Mumbai
Educational Profile
X: 83.6
Undergrad Major - GPA/%age: 65.5
Any ot...
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