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@chanchal15 their is one more book for vocab which is also very good by Norman lewis and Wilfred Funk if u need it i may send it to u i have ebook
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shattereddream @eerikacapricorn forwarded :) . 24 Jul '13.
eerikacapricorn :) . 24 Jul '13.
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@ajaygovindg Thanks for your information.
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I have 6 year Experience in Telecom Industry. Now wants to pursue MBA in Telecom Management by Correspondence/Distance learning. Kindly inform the colleges providing such courses.
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I am Sanjay Verma, having 6 year Experience in Telecom Industry. wants to persue MBA in telecom management by Distance/Correspondance. Kindly inform what are my options.
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it sticks after 8 th qn
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not able to submit the answers
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Very very Happy Birthday to you.
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Do you have a liking for number crunching?
Yes, always find maths amuse me.
Do you like to work in teams or u like to work alone?
i favor working in team.
Do you find it easy to convince people to do what you want?
Toughest job for me.
Do you have a creative mind?
I dont kn...
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nice initiative.
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Hi all,
I am planning for PGPX 2014. I have 7 yr work ex, out of which 6 yr in PSU in telecom field, O&M; work.
Average academics. No EC.
Planning to give GMAT in June.
What other areas, i should look into to get a call.