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true....there need to have provision to get at least the amount to be paid to the IIFT... 3 lac is not small saving...for anyone.....excluding the next two years expenses...
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the most frightening interview turns out be most unexpected and quite learning..
This interview is for the course: (BM or HRM)- HRM
Other calls: (other XL calls, other institute calls)- IIFT (converted), NMIMS
XAT percentile: 97.4
Interview Centre: 1st april.. BOARD 1,
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sandyp_mishra replied to [2012]IIFT GD/PI/Essay Discussion 2012-2014 batch
Your profile:-
10th marks : 89.4 (CBSE)
12th marks : 87.2 (CBSE)
Graduation marks/Stream/College : 69.84%...BA(H) Business Economics..Delhi University
IIFT marks : 53.1
Work ex : nil..(2011 pass out)
Extra curricular : few prizes in sports and extracurricular activities...
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got HRM call... feeling content..:))
OA- 97.24
VA- 92.77
DM- 95.53
miss BM...:(
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well got the score card today...
score is
QA- 41
computer- 28, "AM i that bad"...:(
english- 40
descriptive 31
total- 175
GEN category
well i have a query for puy regarding eligibility..
well it was mention that one should have completed gradua...
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i have a query regarding GD for senior.
well it is said that we better put first outline to a GD in spite of randomly discussing it.
well as said by prince, we will be first getting 2 min to put our view. so what does senior think that we should speak initially, i mean do we just put outlin...
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it would be really helpful if u can ask someone from commerce/economic background to share his interview experience and his saying on preparation..
i myself was looking for any such interview but could not locate even in 2010-2012 interview thread...
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good initiative...
i m in. i will participate and try to contribute...
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i have a query for senior or anyone around who can put some insight on my query...
well i am a economic graduate and also had commerce at 12th standard. well so i have really poor knowledge in science domain be it basic science. so is it advisable to brush up some science or it is fine to delv...
sandyp_mishra replied to IIFT 2012-14 batch GDPI shortlist out !!
1st call of the session.... yupieeeeeeeeeeee.
great relief...nd good beginning..
my score was 50.42 in time, 50.xx in testfunda... 54.xx in cl..but with a score of zero in rc... so it is indeed great relief...
congo to all call getter...
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