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And i thought this thread had died its natural course. Well I just finished the latest in the Heroes of Might and Magic collection and am now into Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends. If anyone else has played this game pls reply coz i need some serious help
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To finally get to vacation this Christmas in Goa
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A lot of people have been praising the movie "The Departed" for the acting but the original was still better. It was a chinese movie called "Infernal Affairs"
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Has anyone here completed Halflife 2???
I seem to have got stuck at a level with no respite
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Hey my Favourite character is Garfield. Now his example is worthy of emulation.
Well i better get back to more important work i.e..
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1.Humphrey Bogart (Classics like Maltese Falcon and Casablanca)
2.Cary Grant (North by Northwest)
3.Robert De Niro(2 many good performances to mention)
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Well a little late on this thread. Hope i am not intruding monu.I personally don't have great BE acads but with an overall 99.85% . But as is common with IIM'S the selection procedure is a well hidden secret.
p.s:There seems to be so little talk about IIM Bangalore
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Well that makes four of us. I got placed in Stan C as well. They strangely offered me a choice in Corporate and Retail. Will be taking Retail. Any of u guys have any idea on location.
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That passage took me 39.50 seconds according to my stopwatch.But with only 90% comprehension.
I guess it was because the passage was uncomplicated with not many tough words making it easier to read and comprehend.
Well about the questions that u asked Cattie
1. I have no idea what latent...
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1. Zayed Khan is the brand ambassador for pizza hut if i am not mistaken
2.He is the National Creative Director for O