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hello frds,
is there anyone who can guide me with this.i am also looking to start learning excel from basic to advanced level.can anyone let me know which is the ultimate certification in excel that is recognized world wide and that can make me an expert in excel.
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Hey Buddy
search before you start a new thread,there is allready a thread running on financial engineering which should answer your queries.
take care
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hello deepak
it really depends which school you are applying too and which course you wanna do.there are many schools which require a compulsary gmat and there are quite a few who will take you without relevant work ex.
so first decide which unis you wanna go then just mail them and confirm...
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hey guys the result are out for cfa level1.best of luck to all those u are awaitng reply.
Results for the June 2006 Level I CFA examination are now available on the newly designed CFA Institute website.
To get your results, you must access the CFA Program section of the website, which requ...
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Hello uk apirant .
I am in the same boat as u are and I am also interested in pursuing an msc in finance from uk this year.
Have u applied to any other university except lancester and strathclyde?i feel lancaster is a good university but not the best for finance in uk.I personally feel u ha...
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hello guys
grt to see a place which will contain only gmat linksssssssssss.
let me be the first one to put a query:
1)could any one let me know where could u get gmat sets?i suppose there are 20 of them?
2)is it possible to get hold of gmat jjs which are post dated?
3)which link...
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hello frd
i have also done a lit bit of research on icma center.
but what i have found is that its is a grt university and it is funded by icma.
but still the university has not gained popularity among uk employers. i mean to say no big banks recruits its students on campus.
then what...
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hello crash_test_dummy
hey i did not find uksip link in australian mba thread,could u recollect where u read it,so that i could search it?
also u said to get along with ppl who are intrested in same stuff (intrest group)as u said. like pg.com where else could i find ppl with my intrest grou...
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hey guys sems no one cares to reply
are there not enough of guys who are intrested in taking finance as there careeer
plz guys help me
need u guys help and advice very urgently!!!!!!!!!!
sameer kapadia
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Guys it seems the thread is rocking with many new entrants are participating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Keep up the good work routhmanz and crash_test_dummy
Hey routhmanz could u throw some light on uksip ,like what it is and how is it of any help to get a job in uk ,alos could u provide its web addres...