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Last Date --> 31st December
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sakshi_kukreja @rahul-srinivas Please PM me specifically what all you .... 18 Oct '13.
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Okay People!
We have the list of finalists of the contest with us now.
Before posting the list, let me share a general feedback... quality of nominations was inexplicably low this year !! Apart from few, no one seemed to have determination to display some genuine creativity.
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sakshi_kukreja Looking forward to vote :mg: . 11 May '13.
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sakshi_kukreja @banu2312 No! I've had my good time :P :mg: . 27 Apr '13.
sakshi_kukreja @abhimukh19 Noi noi ! :mg: I won't. I wish to njoy this.... 27 Apr '13.
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Everyone here is taking the support of either being an engineer, or a CAT aspirant!
Think different people!
You have been given a platform full of possibilities! You have complete freedom to become WHOEVER/WHATEVER you want to be, and this is the best you all can do? Come on!
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sakshi_kukreja baba ki jai hooooooooooooo \\____0//. 27 Apr '13.
sakshi_kukreja haha ! :P  aree aane do abhi aur entries apne aap better .... 27 Apr '13.
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Ladies and Gentlemen! Errrr.....
Sycophants ! Devious souls! Whistle-stoppers ! Agitators ! Campaigners! Politicians ! Time to prove that you are better errr worse among other bad present here!
Yes, the PaGaL Election Commission is back with the most awesome and insane national event! Be...
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visionIIM-ACL @abhimanyu_ Go for new posts!. 27 Apr '13.
BABA_Pencho @abhimanyu_  - The nomination post has been made. No othe.... 27 Apr '13.
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when we have to pay the hostel fees ?
sakshi_kukreja @lastjointplease call the admin office and ask them. We h.... 17 Apr '13.
sakshi_kukreja @dotamama College has no bias. They arrange for internshi.... 18 Apr '13.
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@BimtechAdmin ...what is the highest package offered to an IB student uptil now??
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sakshi_kukreja @BimtechAdmin  can guide you better on this . I will ask .... 17 Apr '13.
sakshi_kukreja I guess your query has been answered well on the facebook.... 18 Apr '13.
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I heard bimtech has increased intake in pgdm from 180 to 240. Tell me if its a rumor. @sakshi_kukreja & @BimtechAdmin
sakshi_kukreja No one is fighting :) And yea I do agree that the col.... 12 Apr '13.
sakshi_kukreja @akhivasisht  U dont get upgraded...its not this way.. If.... 12 Apr '13.
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@BimtechAdmin The AICTE norm states that "On request received before the date of start of the academic session & seat could be filled by the Institute before the cut off date. Rs 1000 can be deducted from the fees paid and refunded" Then why does Bimtech have May 31st as its last day for refund?...
sakshi_kukreja I guess so they were..before you join, they do refund it. 12 Apr '13.
sakshi_kukreja yes i do :) Good luck with it .. 12 Apr '13.
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Got seleccted in FORE.
How do i reject BIMTECH's offer?
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sakshi_kukreja Apply for the refund.. 10 Apr '13.
sakshi_kukreja Details must be mentioned in the letter that you've got. .... 10 Apr '13.