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sailu replied to Got a blog? Share it here
Mine is a month old food blog where I blog about the food I cook along with the pictures..this is for the benefit of all those foodies,food lovers and bachelors and others who are trying out some experiments in their kitchen..:):)
Hope it benefits others in some way.I enjoy blogging and freak ...
sailu replied to Lines to Live by.......
Like this thread a lot.Decided to add one line a day to this thread..:):)
"You can only make one success of yourself,but you can help make many successes by inspiring and encouraging others."
sailu replied to Happy Birthday PG!
Hap Hap Happy Birthyday......:):)
God Bless!
Wishing the year ahead to be much much better than 2005!
sailu replied to How did you get to know about PG forums ?
Googled for 'good indian forums' and got here..:):)
I wish I found you guys earlier...:):)
Better late than never I guess..:):)
sailu replied to What did you cook/eat today?
I thought it would be a nice idea to start a thread on the delicious food we eat each day ..be it your own cooking,mom's,dad's,granny's or anyone for that matter,food eaten outside your home, maybe in a restaurant or dhaba,comfort food,street food,hostel food,macdonald's ..you name it...anywhere....
sailu replied to Movie reviews
Watched 'Sholay'..my all time favorite movie.Can watch it again and again and again..:):)