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My first ever post on this one
The Question has made me realize what a :drinking:I am.....my life is running on fluids ;)
Tea ....day starts with a cuppa and can't imagine any day in recent history having had less than 3 cups in a day + Loads of memories of having all variti...
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Well I was literally :banghead::banghead: being a part of bangy Junta and missing out on APIGM that too busy that weekend thinking what a : will do there ...
Two things registered from the meet posts though The Bmr sleeping on the ground bcoz MAFIA was played all nite....Now what's this MAFI...
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This post has been intentionally designed to make all those of you who did not attend the eighth All India PaGaLGuY Meet (AIPGM) 2011 at Bangalore on May 28 and 29 feel bad about not making it. We are going to share photos and videos of the biggest and baddest PG meet of all in the rest of this article and make you stamp your...
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Saibo @Apurv fully meets the objective of rubbing it in :) T.... 14 Jun '11.
Saibo As we hav missed out on Sumanth's speech (looks like natu.... 14 Jun '11.
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weekday....the problem is my manager will not just give me looks
will try for sure....hate bhai chai ka bhi time bata dena in case i miss out on 'the lunch'
Guys our very own Sumanth's journey is there in TOI today ... calls for more than lunch
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Kinjal bhai ny options of work frm home/cafe or falln sick
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Hi Puys,
as u can see m pretty new here ..after some search and again advanced search in this thread I hav landed up here and hope it's the right place to post a general finance query..else plz guide
In the context of Raj Rajaratnam Insider trading verdict today was reading wiki page abo...
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oops...sorry....got posted twice
effort once outcomes double....good if happens in cat :)
let me figure out how to delete it....m editng i for time being..
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can't agree more......same here That too the first ever PG meet of my life....
nyways must say all of U ...the banaglore dream team, the_hate sirji ,kinji, THE MOD u guys rock....:cheerio:
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birbal bhai....the_hate sirji is at invitation only meet ? Can an absolute newbie to PG like me drop in ?
.....BTW thanks to ur aiwtsac post .......awesome.....made me join PG ....best wishes for Joka !!
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