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yeppie got thru... congrats to all those who have made it!!!!
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D_1 could you pls quote the entire maill.. Sorry for being a bit suspicious but pls do it!!! No offence intended!!!!!
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Congrats to all those who made it thru... All the best.. lets just wait for the offer letter to come !!!!!!
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6th March
Course applied for : (BM or PMIR) BM
Educational Profile:
X: 88.26
Undergrad Major - GPA/%age: 8.54
Any other professional certification or course undertaken:
XAT percentile: 99.93
Work profile (if applicable): 4 months
Number of years: Sector/Indu...
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Hi some one pls check .. that link is not opening up.. Thanks in advance...
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nice forum..
Over all- 99.68 :look round:
Verbal- 92.1
Work ex- 4 months at time of filling form..
No call!!!!!!! woooaaaahhhh.. nice but i will be back i know that....
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i called IIM-K.. A lady politely said my name is not in the list and asked me to stay in touch of the website..
despite 88.26-X
99.68-OA cat %ile..
I am not thru:banghead::banghead::banghead:
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My parents are asking me sahi mein 99.68 hain na... kahin tune daaru ciggy nahi na pee li (they know that i dunt drink or smoke) .. man i am gone.. despite scoring gud in CAT-09-10 ( sectionals 92.1,99.XX,99.XX) , class X, class XII and grad.. all 85% +... i am unable to manage even a single call..
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TIME has IIM Workshop on 6th and 7th.. what to do now for those who are expecting it from IIM-Indore...
Everything in the world seems to conspire against me, but I am sure of fighting all odds.
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@ vaibhav
dude you missed work ex.. How do you expect to get calls without work ex... this is really bad... .