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GMP results out ? There is a new link on site.
sagariyer85 Waitlisted at 29....any chance, guys?. 05 Mar.
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12 more days to go or will we be surprised soon
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sagariyer85 @GMPCo2014 Hi, What is the amount they will retain shoul.... 18 Feb.
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Some information aspirants find good to know regarding GMP
Pros - XLRI brand will definitely carry you a long after your GMP through your life. You get the same alumni status and benefits. The learning you get from some professors and some areas are simply world class. HR profs are gods. We ...
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sagariyer85 @anirs I feel by attending, it might come across as I am.... 16 Feb.
sagariyer85 Thanks guys! Went for the BM interview today. As expected.... 17 Feb.
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I just received an email from XLRI admissions -
Dear Candidate,Attached please find a set of questions about a peak experiences of your personal, family or professional life. Please answer them and bring it at the time of GD/interview. You should handover it to the panel members just before...
sagariyer85 I got this email as well. But then, I do have BM and HRM .... 15 Feb.
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Hi Guys,
I have scored 99.23 in XAT and got calls for BM, HRM and GMP (the 15 month course). I have 6 years experience and have already given GMP interview 2 weeks ago. At 6 years of experience, do I stand a chance in BM? Should I even attend the interview? Kindly suggest.
uddalak I think 6 years workex suits GMP more than BM .However, t.... 19 Feb.
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What were the cutoffs for HRM and BM Programs in 2013?A. BM - Overall 91.25 Percentile with 80 percentile in Eng lang and LR, 76.2 percentile in QA, 80 percentile in DMHRM - Overall 88 Percentile with 85 percentile in Eng lang and LR, 54 percentile in QA, 80 percentile in DM
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sagariyer85 OA - 99.23 QA - 95.75 Verbal - 96.29 DM - 95.80 Any of h.... 20 Jan.
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Hi everyone,
Came across this question on OG10. I chose option D, but OG says the correct answer is option A. They have hardly given any explanation to this particular question. Let me know your thoughts pls.
In three centuries--from 1050 to 1350--several million tons of stone were quarried...