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The Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Kozhikode has sprung a huge surprise in its admissions process for the 2011-2013 Post Graduate Program in Management (PGPM) batch. Deviating from the past, this year the b-school has initiated a lengthier three-tier admission process. Of which the first stage has just concluded, in...
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sourabh.tantia I have a CAT consolidated score of 97.11 percentile with .... 26 Jan.
sourabh.tantia I have a CAT consolidated score of 97.11 percentile with .... 26 Jan.
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For the khaana-peena in b-schools there is a mess. But for the mauj-masti along with the khaana-peena and the padhna, there are night canteens. All the b-schools, especially the residential ones, have night canteens and they are just so much more than eating places. And that's because night canteens are open at that time wh...
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rohshan86 what can anyone gain from such an article. how people was.... 18 Dec '10.
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can someone tell me what are the slots that are vacant in Bangalore as of today ?
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If you have read the book then i think you will enjoy the movie capote in case you have not seen it.Its about truemans life during the writing of the novel.Some nice acting by philip seymout hoffman.
By the way that was his last novel.He dint write anyother after that.It traumatised him.
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Death Race:
A fantastic action film.Not many action movies have a good plot this one has.A Superb performance by jason stratham.Well made action sequences and 1.45 hours of paisa vasool.Watch it.
A good movie in my opinion.A gangster comedy/action flick.Check it for a young brad ...
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A huge neon-sign displaying 'Symbiosis International University and Symbiosis Institute of Management' in English, Hindi and Kannada informs you that the Symbiosis Institute of Business Management-Bangalore or SIBM-B is the center of Symbiosis International University's campus in Bangalore apart from being another institute ...
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anonymous Dear All, Please Help me out If i am geting Placed at SI.... 21 Apr '10.
anonymous Prakhar: Management admissions for symbiosis are already .... 22 Apr '10.
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Extended by a day. As of now, this is the catharsis for the students who went through a harrowing time because of the CAT and all the glitches that it entailed. A press note released by Prometric today says: "On 8 December (Day 11), CAT 2009 will be held over one morning session in 20 cities. These cities are: Bangalore, Bho...
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isaiah123 i think the better solution will be to make the directors.... 08 Dec '09.
anonymous @two face. Oh man i agree with you, n surely sympathize w.... 08 Dec '09.
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Announcing the opening of the PaGaLGuY B-school Rankings 2009-10 survey of What India thinks about Indian b-schools. Over the last two years, these Rankings of India's Most Preferred b-schools have taken center-stage as the most credible and referenced Rankings among those looking to join an MBA program in India, or recruit...
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rohshan86 @ Apruv ...I am just being critical here because i love P.... 04 Dec '09.
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chuck all the bollywood movies now...all are crap...catch something english on DVDs...or still if you find all the best(hindi) still running in some theatre then go for it
or wait for 3 idiots ...check the review and then go for it...this year all movies were utter crap save 1 or 2
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