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rockwood replied to NITIE 2009-11 Final results out
hey dude ,
i have also taken up the seat in NITIE , but i will be withdrawing it tomorrow. So one more wait list movement.
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rockwood replied to NMIMS 2009 FINAL results out!!!
@ iim_phodu,
You are supposed to send a written application along with the original reciept. Its not necessary that you have to be present in person , you can very well sent it thru some of ur friend.
i withdrew my admission on 11th april and got the draft yesterday i.e. 4th May
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rockwood replied to NITIE - 2009-2011 Admissions Queries
Hi Seniors ,
I have a query regarding my CAT score details. I have by mistake entered CAT percentage in Percentile section and in the percentage section entered the total marks . Though I have sent a mail to the admission committee at admissions@nitie.edu and also to impact.nitie@gmail.com. B...