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so is panda firewall and antivirus <" rel="nofollow">">www.iolo.com> and black ice firewall .Once solution to all problems is get rid of windows and start getting used to linux
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hey dude u wanna become mba calling names to advertisement.You will never get into a b -school if u talk like this.
I think advertisement over these days have become innovative.
Better than the ones we watched in those doordarshan days.
They are integral part of our new world.Where do yo...
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yup i agree abt digital watch.
also I fell center matters .We were let in at our center at 10.40.(center don bosco).
On 23 nov we were given answer sheets at 10.30 and had plenty of time to get seated.Also the seats were damn small and I was uncomfortable. Damn how do they expect 22 year ol...
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trying turing off option in run-msconfig...if u cant go to yahoo chat computers room...someone will help u there
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For All those who didnt make its time to reflect on the mistakes commited rather than crib.
What was the cause of failure.
It humans who commit mistakes and only wise avoid repeating it.
Now about where I went wrong:
The big factor I did not sleep on night of feb 14....over-anxeity...
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Its abt time to wake up from previous mistakes.I think key to IIMs is getting those maths sums right.Lets not waste our time pondering on ridiculously tough questions coaching classes dish out....but lets get our basics right.I think ill try to solve as much R.S Aggarwal as I can.Reading wordlist...
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Even Im posting after a long time..I thought that I was the only one.....good to see people learning from mistakes and finally getting through...I was seriously wondering whether I would ever get into IIMs post 2/15.Getting an MBA isnt the end of road.....Bill Gates didnt study at Kellogs neither...
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I am quite illiterate but i feel what a materialistic poem!!!!!
Here are my thoughts :even a ordinary woman with eyes sparking with spectacles,hair smelling of Dabur vatika shampoo,and who has a nose that is running sometimes but loves u so much that thinks of u with every breath and heartbeat...
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Guyz do u have a heart to spam after a terrible CAT yesterday
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In case u missed it in newspapers.....just a reminder that CAT takers in mumbai might experience traffic problems in South Mumbai due to our mumbai marathon on d-day.
So start early so that u face any problems reaching the venue considering the critically stable traffic system.
Some roads...