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Anyone as a CAT repeater in this group?? I am one of them. I think if we join hands here not only will the group be benefitted, but our frequency match will help. Puys. Lets rock it this time. ATB to all for the starting phases of prep.
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robin.hood @krsimant , @sunnysankalp , @rohit.kr , @angelfromt.... 1d.
robin.hood If anyone of want to add me then please do so at ......ww.... 1d.
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Hi! I am planning to join TIME koramangala centre for CAT2014 preparation. Plz guide if it is agood choice to go for? or shuld I look for their some other centre.... I have CL and Byju's study material and not willing to join them. Kindly provide your valuable guidance asap. Thanks!
robin.hood Byju isn't so goood .. I attended it the last time... 1d.
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Hi All,
Please let me know , if you are looking to form/join a study group Marathalli/whitefield(Bangalore) .
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robin.hood I am in @sawan.verma .. Please let us know when we can .... 1d.
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Could some clarify this.. What should one expect in a Group Exercise? @MICAstudents @KarthikSubramanianR
Am finding two different set of answers.." Candidates will be divided into groups of 9 to 10 and each group will be given an activity, for instance, you could be asked to design a media ...
robin.hood I think CASE STUDY is no longer a part of the MICA GE/PI .... 25 Mar.
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Hello Folks!! Anyone from Pune appearing from MICA GE-PI? We can meet on the coming weekends and practise on creating short Impromptu Advertisements.. Exchanging Ideas would benifit each one of us..
robin.hood B2B ke baad F2F .. @Fizz_Sid - Bhai abhi se jargon use .... 24 Mar.
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anyone for 2nd april from Bangalore?
robin.hood @ankit02 - I am planning to take the 7:20 Flight on 1st . 13 Mar.
robin.hood @shritijaiswal , @ankit02 - i'll be catching the 5:20p.... 15 Mar.
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If you could ever choose to be your favorite character from a TV series, who would you be and why ???
Bring it on
KarthikSubramanianR @Fizz_Sid one more thing our dear barney has taught us M.... 24 Mar.
Fizz_Sid @KarthikSubramanianR dats ryt..high five :mg: . 24 Mar.
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Cant open it ? what should i do ?
robin.hood i think the desktop site is also working now ... 13 Mar.
robin.hood :D . 13 Mar.
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Please mark the date for your GE-PI. Lets get familiar with each other. I feel that will help a great deal atleast in the GE round.
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robin.hood @psyconutz - Bhai , me too - 2nd april , Bangalore .. we.... 13 Mar.
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Most of you are aware of the ongoing legal battle with the IIMs in relation to the discrepancy in CAT 2013 results. Petitions were filed at five different high courts till date for which the responses of the respective Honorable High Courts are given below: The Calcutta High Court has asked the IIMs to provide raw scores, ans...
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sushant1002001 @sumitsony . 13 Mar.
dexter1416 www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152344376794038&set;=a..... 4h.