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many many happy returns of the day, ANANTA !!!! may the monsoon bless you with all its blissssss
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Many Happy Returns of the DAY
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my envelope's heading ur way from delhi, save my copy plis
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got to hear about it from a friend, who was also into all this and found it quite interesting after reading some of the postings. actually what i realised was that, i quite missed out something before. anywayz hope to make up the things i missed.
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i could hear someone shouting at me to introduce myself. okay, ...fine, i'm an engineering graduate. I'm introduced to PG by a friend of mine who's also intending to pursue an MBA. i quite like the forum and discussions, ... yeah its interesting to see active forums with people of same ...
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hi pg,
no i didn't apply to durham. hows the univ? u must have done a research on the univs. in UK. what do u suggest for me? the main thing with me is that i dont have a work exp. so i cant go for a full-fledged mba right now, which requires work exp. suggest some top-rung univ, considering ...
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hi dushyant,
that was a good input. since i'm really new to the univs in UK, what would be good univs like...? what about coventry, leeds, aston, bradford, stirling...
what are my chances, since i dont have work x, and when i met the representatives from bradford uni in the mba fair, she to...
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Hi Shamarao,
What course did u get call for?
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Hi ppl,
I'm also looking for an 1 Mgmnt course in UK. Which universities are looking for inexperienced college graduate? What scores do they accept? And where do i land up after the degree, is it accepted equivalent to MBA in India / the prospects of job in UK itself?
Is any university off...
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Hey guys,
I'm new to pagalguy but i'm expecting some help from you guys.
I'm also into applyin for the 1 year Mgmnt Courses in UK this september fall. But i'm very unsure about the prospects post-degree (in terms of jobs and work visa) Well after reading this thread posts, it gave me a sigh...