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If i grant a loan , after checking all documents and KYC etc , still if person defaulted then will i be held guilty and ask to pay loan amount as fine?? in what cases a po has to pay amount from his pocket ? can anyone quote with an example?
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rishabh3374 If the Probationary officer has signed with the Branch's .... 15 Feb.
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CAT Center, Date and Slot: GL Bajaj Institute of Management, Greater Noida, UP ; Evening Slot1) How many attempts you have made? 13 + 20 2) Your last mock score? N/AIf you are there at repository thread, please provide the link here.3) How was your experience of the test?4) What was the surprise ...
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#NowPlaying - Gravity Movie OST. Compels me to watch the movie again
ratnasen hearing gr8 reviews about it :) . 15 Oct '13.
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@seba_catrpillar Hi Sir
Do they have cut-offs for marks scored in 10th and 12th?
if yes,what was the cutoff last year?
rishabh3374 @intelligio1 Hi, What were the sectional cut off for MDI.... 10 Sep '13.
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@NMIMS2014 Hello Sir,
I filled up the permanent address in the NMAT form incorrectly. I had to write Sector 29, but instead I wrote Sector 20(which doesn't exist). The form cannot be edited according to the page.
Is there any way, it can be changed may be not now but at a later stage ?
rishabh3374 @NMIMS2014 Sir, for the past 15 days I have been mailing.... 08 Sep '13.
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While filling class X & XII %, do we have to fill the average of all the subjects on the marksheet or top 5 ?
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Hey all,I have just given an interview for ICICI bank po and they ask u to sign up a 5 year bond which is a big time,I have interest in Banking Industry but I will be Rigid if I sign up the bond and They said u might have to do sales job,Why will a PO do a sales job? in BIg dilemma
Please help
rishabh3374 @anjan007 Universal Rule - In every private sector bank,.... 07 Sep '13.
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What all things are required if we are submitting iift form at the counter??
rishabh3374 1 Black ball pen, 1500 INR & passport size photo. Go .... 30 Aug '13.
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Madras Cafe - Diligently shot, acted & directed with very few loopholes. The 1st half pace is indeed very quick, convoluted at some points and also serves as a base for the post interval part. M.Cafe is a top notch political thriller & a must watch who has interest in politics/assassination/secre...
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How is Test Gym of CL ? How can I avail discount on it ? Are there any discount codes/coupon available like TF ?
ralins Test Gym is really good.. And of course TF is sending me .... 27 Aug '13.