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I am based out of kolkata and I would like to give some Time and CL materials and complete test series question booklets and solutions. Would be leaving kolkata for on 4-5th of June ,2011. Interested people please PM your mobile number and email-id as soon as possible.
PS- Test series...
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I made it to HELL (IIML) after having a hell-like experience in the PI (Stress Interview ). But will be joining IIM Bangalore!!!!!.......
Congratulations to all of you who have lived your dreams and made it to this moment.
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Selected for IIM Bangalore .
my dream.....come true....!
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work ex : 3yrs (2 in IT , 1 in derivatives)
QA- 95.58
Overall- 99.19
Slot - 26th March,2011 Kolkata
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I also passed .
I had done very bad in alternative instruments but have been saved by other sections.
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Got the first IIM call of the season.
My composite score comes out to be 35.94.
Best of luck to all of us as the ratio of selection in second stage seems to be an uphill task compared to other IIMs.
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I am also one of the sufferers in VA on "Black" 5th Dec slot -
VA - 67 marks / 89.77%
I am best in VA section than other two and have got calls from IIFT and FMS largely due to good VA scores only .
Something wrong(discrepancy) is surely there in way of judging VA scores in this slot ....
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Artificial Intelligence - Will man be ever replaced by machines?
Artificial Intelligence is the technology through which logical decision making can be brought in machines based on training the system using a number of trials.Mechanical jobs are now increasingly performed by machines instead...
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VA -accuracy went for a toss.
DI, QA good accuracy today .
VA - 9C 10 W = 26
QA - 12C 0W = 48
DI - 12C 1W = 47
Total = 121
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Myself also passed Level 1.
Congrats to all who have come out successful .